Toenail Falling Off for No Reason

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Her feet look gorgeous when you have beautiful nails. But what if your nail will fall for no reason? Well, this is a very serious question for some people. This can occur due to an injury or because of some toe nail fungus infection. This disease is known as onychoptosis. stickers nail can be treated fully and have the ability to grow back, no need to worry about it. Let’s see the details on the causes and treatments of toenails will fall.

Why a thumbnail of the foot will fall?

There are two main reasons behind this problem are toenails, fungal infections and injuries. Then the details of the same.

Yeast infection
It’s contagious fugal infection of the nail. It is caused by a group of fungi known as dermatfits. They attack the nails in a warm and moist, as this condition is favourable for its survival. They feed on the hard part of the nails is known as queratines and eaten-the surface of the nail. Can spread and infect others if not treated in time also nails. When the nail is attacked by the fungus, infection is the main symptom of nail color change. It can be white or yellow nail descolorir and make coffee, and become hard and brittle. The nail is split at times and eventually fall off. Though the nail to grow back even after they are affected by fungus in the nails, but it is very important to get a treatment to prevent the proliferation of fungi antifongs again.

The thumbnail of the foot are more likely to get hurt when walking, running or playing. The use of shoes too tight can damage the nail especially when nails are great. The biggest danger of collapse of toenails because of an injury is to football players, as they use their forecast maximums of your feet. When the nail of the foot is hurt, blood vessels are broken and blood clots inside the nail.Because of this the thumbnail it goes black and after some time they arise. This can be painful and can even bother with walking. Tries to keep the clean so that it can prevent an infection. Don’t worry if the nail is falling, as it will come back. Just be careful and clean the affected area each day.

Toenails falling off Treatment

Many people often wonder how to stop a fall of nails? Below are some of the treatments that will help get rid of nail fungus infection.
There are many creams and ointments available that can help stop antifungal to market the growth of fungi. The best known benzalconi chloride is an antiseptic for treating leakage toenails.
Many medications are becoming available on the market that orally will help get rid of the infection.
Surgeries are performed in severe cases. The injury, the doctor pierces through the nail and drains the blood to save the thumbnail will fall.
You can also get the antifongs of the keys in the market to save the thumbnails of the infection.
In addition to medical care, there are many home remedies that can help heal the infection, as well as the tea tree oil. Apple Cider vinegar cure for nail fungus is also considered one the best known treatment.
Toenails to fall off of a precautionary

As better than cure, it can follow the precautions listed below to avoid the situation of your thumbnail of the big toe is falling.
Avoid walking barefoot on dusty atmospheres and the public, as they may infect the nails.
Cut nails regularly and keep them clean.
Wear comfortable shoes that will help your nails to be free and the circulation of blood will be appropriate.
Don’t forget to wear good quality socks and also because it absorbs all the sweat that helps your toe to stay away from the proliferation of fungi.If you get injuries then keep clean and apply an ointment to the toenails. If you’re not able to get relief, then please contact your doctor before being infected.
I hope that’s why my nail is falling without reason ‘ is no more a question for you now. Just keep the hygiene to avoid any kind of infection and forget about the fall of thumbnails.

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